Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey everyone, Yes I did it. I did follow up with Tracey from the Bert Show, but we didnt do the radio interview. i belive they had a lot going on.

I made it 50lbs down and thats all I care about.
I would love to give anyone advice and pointers and keep up with you if you are still trying to lose. I still want to lose about 10 more lbs and its very hard!
Please email me for tips oand pointers or if you know of great ways to shed the last 10lbs.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Update for New Year

I am sorry to anyone that was keeping up. I am un sure if anyone still is reading this since it is not linked to the website any more.

Well its January and I have lost 30 lbs. I tell ya its hard to get these last 20 off. I have been at a stand still with weight. I have tried to up my weight lifting a little heavier and its slowly progressing.

The holidays were a little hectic with travel and all but luckily I didn't Gain. I didn't lose either which is a bummer. After eating a lot of cuban food I felt like I had gained 10 +.

I have a 5 months to get these 20 off. I re - joined spark people.com to get some extra help and new meal plan. Its totally free and I love free.
The meal plan has me losing 2 lbs a week to have it off by May 10th. That is with light exercising. I burn at least 4000 calories a week which is why I have maintained.

Am I getting really nervous. YES YES YES.
People try to compare the weight goal to the biggest losers but, who has time to work out everyday for 6 hours. I work 10 hours a day.

Please email me if you still read this and need some extra inspiration. I would love to chat and could use some more good advice.

Hope all is well and Happy New Year

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A bit of a pickle

I’m guessing that this is the time of the year that a lot of people’s weight becomes stagnant. It is wedding season and babies galore. I have been within the same five lbs for a month now maybe a little more than a month. I don’t know if it is stress of all these things or the meatballs as appetizers. ß I am going to say it’s both. I had my one month free trial with the nutritionist and I did take a lot from it. I have been trying to follow her lead and keep up with it.
The hard part is Groceries. $180 every 2 weeks just trying to eat well balanced meals is draining my purse. Now I could go back to the way I was doing things and just keeping my calories low by snaking on yogurt, fruit, peanuts, hummus, 100 calorie packs and just bringing a lunch. I didn’t mind the cooking and preparing part of it, it’s just so hard to stomach that much money on groceries when I have other bills that have to be paid. It was much easier buying $1.00 macaroni and $2.00 hamburger helper. Now I know why more than half of America is obese, all the cheaper food is good and greasy.
I guess I am more in a pickle of which road to get on. Do I stick to the well balanced meals and not have any money to play with or save or do I go back to my original snacking that was much cheaper?
My original was working but, I did have a lot of cravings and crashes. Has anyone else experienced this? I have 23 more lbs to go before June 9th and I do not want to procrastinate anymore.
I still work out for 1 hour 4-5 times a week and I do a mix of aerobics, kick boxing, and strength training.
After losing 27lbs already I feel so much better about myself and just started taking more pictures with friends and family. I used to hate the camera after I gained the weight. I would never let my friends post pics on their MySpace pages or I would stand behind everyone.
Thank you to everyone that has helped me because I truly feel so much more confident already.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I sprained my ankle!!!

I know it’s been a while since I have blogged but, I wanted to make sure I had something good to write about. I am half way to my goal and just got over my plateau. Of course clumsy me decided to fall off the treadmill at the gym because I was in a hurry to get off. Note to self: remember to step off the treadmill when it is located back down from the incline position. I hope it’s just a sprain and nothing else is wrong. I have been doing the RICE method, so we will see if that helps.

I’m upset I don’t get to do any cardio for a while but, I guess crunches at home work.
Anyway, back to half way reaching my goal. Like I said earlier I needed to find something that was going to help me other than restricting certain foods and taking sugar, carbs, and fat out of my diet. Yes that will work for short –term but, its inevitable you gain it back. Well at least that’s what my research says.

I know people were telling me I could do this alone with out expensive diets and nutritionists but, the truth is that I am scared I will gain it all back plus some. I have done it before with the metabolic diet. I like Venice Nutrition because it teaches me how to balance my meals out for the day with eating the foods I love including mayonnaise.

My typical day starts off with a protein smoothie made with milk, strawberries, and bananas. Other foods are Turkey roll ups with avocado, chicken and cheese burrito, maybe cottage cheese with mixed berries, and then a nice dinner like bbq chicken pizza.

The great thing is that I can take the fatty foods I love and modify the ingredients to make it healthy. I now you’re thinking well it is a lot of cooking but, eating 5-6 times a day really helps your metabolism. You can bake your chicken for the whole week and shred it of cut it up and it will last the week. I usually take dinner leftovers for the next day as well. I like having lots of recipes to choose from. So far I started at 187 and I am now 162. I made it over my plateau and hopefully my sprained ankle won’t keep me from losing.

This whole picture on the internet is really scary for me and I can’t believe I actually said yes to this challenge. Not only did I grow up here but, I work here as well and what will my Co-workers think? They don’t know I am doing this! SShhhhh

I will be writing soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Change

I am really not sure where I am at in the process. Last Friday the scale said 165 and that was a needle scale. I like that scale much better because the digital scale said 170. Its either 22lbs all together or 17lbs. I really don’t know which one to trust but, I can tell you that I have lost 8 inches total and 4% of body fat so I am not complaining about that stupid scale.

Is there anyone out there on a calorie restrictive diet that is experiencing mood swings and constant fatigue? I can’t seem to stay awake or I get so wound up and come crashing down around 3:00 and I have to force myself to the gym after work. My blood sugars are way off and I don’t know how to balance it out with foods just yet. I guess it just takes a lot of getting used to and figuring out how your body works.

I met with a really great nutritionist that had a history of weight problems and she had great advice and a program that I am going to try and see if it helps me get control of my blood sugar levels to balance out my nutritional intake. She looks phenomenal so advice from her should be pretty legit after reading her story. http://www.venicenutritionamyhenry.com/
I never knew how to balance out your carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake through out the day so that you don’t hit a crash mid day and your body wants to over load on food at night. I was just making sure I don’t eat bad foods with lots of calories. It may be working on my body structure but, it’s not worth feeling like this everyday. I will be starting her program in a few days once I get situated in my new place.

Jason and I decided to move in together and start planning for our future together. We move in this weekend and we both are really excited about our change in pace. Well we all know what a 27 year old will hope for next. J

I am still going to the gym 4 – 5 days a week and changing up my routines and trying to take more advanced classes. So far I love my life right now and I can’t wait to see more results with out the headaches and fatigue.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just a little more!

I am so sorry for not posting the last 3 weeks. My only computer is here at work and the end of the month was so hectic here.
This could be the root of a little stress and little weight loss.
I decided not to weigh every Friday and back off for 2 weeks to see results since I was working out with weights and I knew it would be water and muscle on the scale. I was right and I hit a plateau at 16 lbs. For 2 weeks I lost nothing.

I can’t lie to you and tell you I was a perfect eating angel because I was not. I went camping for the weekend and splurged on beer, chips, brats, bacon, eggs and smores. That was one day of food. AGH (screech). I felt disgusted with myself the day after but, damn it was so good going down. This was a total of 2 weeks of just picking the wrong foods. I did not give it my very best and the results showed that. I even had Mexican food but, I chose to eat only one fajita no cheese. That was after eating the basket of chips with salsa. What am I thinking? It is obvious I did not try very hard and no excuses to be made for the first time in my life.

I know what your thinking (I can’t do that to start with). Yes you are right I have been hitting the gym most every day except Sundays of course so I think that has to do with not gaining weight from this bad two weeks.

Thankfully this week I regained control of myself and got back on track to eating foods that were more healthy and controlling my cravings and trust me this is hard this time of the month ladies.
I lost 2 more lbs this week and now I am 18lbs down. Tomorrow will be my 2 month mark and I can say that I am proud of myself for getting this far. I can really tell my inches are falling off. I can wear pants I haven’t been able to wear and I have been receiving great feedback from family and friends.

I love the support I am getting from ya’ll and friends. I don’t know if it is my emotions getting to me this week or if I was happy but, I went to the gym yesterday and worked out so hard burning 1065 calories in one hour and a random woman at the gym said you did really great in class today. I have never met her nor seen her there before. I left the gym in tears of joy crying in my car. I really can’t tell you why I felt so happy but, I did.

Little things like that make me steer clear of bad foods and junk cravings. I absolutely love going to the gym now and wish I could do it twice a day. Thank the lord my gym is all women or else I would be very self conscious jumping out of rhythm on the dance floor. Hahaha

2 more lbs to hit that 20 lbs mark and maybe I can do it this weekend. I am going to try so hard.I promise I will keep you informed.

PS (anyone doing this with me steer clear of chips, brats and smores. It’s not worth it)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Such a come back!

After last week gaining a pound from being sick and retaining water, I knew I had to jumpstart my metabolism again. I worked out Sunday, Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, and Fri for at least an hour in the gym. Like I said before I am not big on the weight machines so I just stick to the classes and follow everyone else. Whew I didn’t know I could sweat so much. It really felt good to give it my all and everything I had to see results this week. I kept food logs and made sure that I skipped out on the 3 birthday cakes that were made for co-workers. Nothing helps with being at work better than chocolate cake. I am telling you that was a fight with myself. I won and didn’t even try a small slice.

I lost 6 lbs last week including the one I had gained. My total weight loss is 16lbs. I feel so great and saw a few friends I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks. They all told me the same thing and said I look great and they could really tell. I had smiles from ear to ear all weekend long. My clothes fit loose but, I am not down a size yet. I am still happy with what I have achieved so far.

Little new things I started were vitamin B12 and I am still drinking these protein drinks once or twice a day. They are 60 calories and 0 sugars 30mg of sodium and 12g of protein. It’s like drinking juice! They are actually pretty tasty.

I am going to keep this one short and sweet instead of writing a novel like I always do. I just get so caught up in the moment and cant stop talking about it. Haha
If you want to know more or have and advice please email me.

I am so excited and I hope I get great results this week as well